Haeckels Dreamland Candle
Haeckels Dreamland Candle

Haeckels Dreamland Candle

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Inspired by the 19th century amusement park, Dreamland, in Margate, with its large wooden, scenic, railway-style roller coaster and ornamental rose gardens. The candle has a dry, smokey-wood and leather scent that gives way to intense, powdery floral notes, with a clean floral undertone.

Comes in mycelium packaging that can be composted 
or planted to improve soil quality and recycled paper pulp
mixed with wild flower seeds. Place the paper on
 top of a pot of compost and water well. 
Give it light and warmth and keep the soil moist. 
Once the seedlings have grown, transfer them to 
your garden for the birds and bees to enjoy.

Approx. 40 hours burn time
  • Mycelium and wild flower seed packaging